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Day 14: Island Hopping the Albay Gulf

We spent all day Sunday cruising from beach to beach via a large banca boat. We departed from Bacacay and made a loop through the Albay Gulf, stopping at several spots to swim, snack, and relax.

I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking today, only giving a caption here and there. Here is an amphitheater with a spectacular view, a medium-length hike up from our first stop:

Our helmsman:


Our lunch. We ate with our hands. It was delicious.

The beach at this stop reminded me of the game Myst. Remember Myst?

"Vanishing Island" is a sandbar populated with a half-dozen floating bars, built on rafts of bamboo. The sandbar was fully submerged when we arrived:

By the time we left, there was a little "island" for us to wave goodbye to:

I'll never get tired of taking pictures of Mayon:

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